Get Involve

Our internship program is a vital part of an international organization's operating structure. The internship program provides training within a visual arts organization, allowing participants to assume professional-level responsibilities, receive training and guidance from our staff and understand how an organization functions. We view the program as an extension of our education and outreach services that help to expand and diversify community interaction. All interns should be interested in working in a social practice project.

We are interesting is working with people who are interested in expanding their experience in:

  • creating an archive by receiving emails and mails of photos and videos from Iran

  • Website

  • Videography

  • Fashion photography

  • Social media and marketing

  • Possess strong communication skills and have computer skills

  • Bring new energy and ideas to the group

  • Story telling and writing skills

  • Creative problem solving

  • Be able to work in depended   

All internships are unpaid and require a minimum of 6 hours per week and approximately a 6–12 month commitment (unless otherwise stated).

If you were interested and thought you are the best fit please contact:

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