What is unique about Klozar bags: 


  • They are all hand-woven!

  • They are almost in one piece and the only Handmade Kilim bags designed to be woven as a one-piece bag.

  • They are worldwide unique in design and format.

  • The Klozar bags gained several awards so far within Iran for a re-birth of the Kilim Industry and creating Job Opportunities for more than 35 weavers in small cities and villages.

  • Klozar bags are nominated to receive the UNESCO Award of Excellence of Iranian Handicrafts.

  • Every bag you buy comes with a small letter that introduces the weaver, the pattern, and the little story behind the bag! We like to invite you to send us your little letter that we can bring back from your home to the weaver's homes.

  • There are everyday interests from the big companies in Iran to take over the business idea. Productions, etc., but the priority for Klozar founders is on offering a high-quality product, re-birth the Kilim industry in Iran, create more jobs, and hire more weavers. They need to feed their family and make a living. 

  • With purchasing a Klozar Bag, you can carry more than a purse! You make a massive difference in a Weaver Family.

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